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Celebrating Diversity and uniting ethnic performing communities of Santa Barbara County
TTA Dance Theater Productions and documentary films

Multicultural dance theater productions ''Colors of Love''

Celebrating Asian Culture in Santa Barbara
A clip from ''A Call to Rise'' original film

Colors of Sensuality is a passionate multimedia dance show that celebrates and empowers female essence and influence in the World. Dancer Collective takes you on the journey of passion, discovery and dance expressed in different cultures. Show brings together dance companies and singers, through Aerial, Latin Dance, Argentine Tango, Hip Hop, Pole Art, Theater Arts, Belly Dance; they blend their unique colors into empowering message of living from the heart, passion and purpose. Featuring singers Kanga LaVrado, Harry Garret and Eduardo Villa, musicians: Tracy Hui.

''Colors of Love, Colors of Faces'' original song created for ''A Call to Rise''

documentary film that celebrates diversity.

Songwriters: Eje Lynn Jacobs, Joanna Lynn Jacobs, Yulia Maluta

colors of sensualiy correct.jpg

''Colors of Love'' is a Multicultural Dance Show that features professional dancers and singers, together they blend their unique talents into powerful expression of different colors of cultural and  human experience. 

What you will experience mystery, vivacious energy, tender sensuality, exquisite beauty, infectious passion and being evoked and transformed into a new sense of aliveness.

Indulge your senses, heart and ears with delicious magic of dance and live music in a style of Jazz and Love songs sung by fabulous Kanga LaVrado. . 


Also show is a benefit for a non profit ''Art without limits.''


Tickets: pre-sale: $35, at the door: $40
Call Center Stage Theater, or purchase tickets online or in person

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